meadowlark64 carries a full line of vaporizers for both portability as well as for stationary use.  We have taken careful time and consideration in determining what we feel are the best portable vaporizers on the market.  We proudly carry the following brands for portable vaporizers:  Atmos R2, Atmos Jr., Atmos Bullet Max, BoroPen by GRAVLabs, Firefly, Go Pen, Go Pen Plus, iPuff, Magic Flight Maud Dib, PAX, STOK R-Series and the White Rhino Trifecta.  We offer the following brands for stationary vaporizers:  Da Buddha, the Herbalizer, Silver Surfer, Super Surfer, Vapor Bros., Volcano and Viva La Vape!

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Water Bongs and Oil Rigs
meadowlark64 prides itself on sourcing as much Colorado made pieces as the shop can handle.  We have forged relationships with some great local artists as well as having to end some relationships with some not so great.  Additionally, we love to carry American made pieces and feature some notable brands from across the Red, White and Blue!  In the end, we want to connect our customers with the right piece while supporting our neighbors and fellow Americans.  Simple right.  You'll find these brands and many more proudly carried in our store:  

Pipes, Chillums, Sherlocks, Steamrollers and Bubblers
meadowlark64 carries a wide assortment of pipes, chillums, sherlocks, steamrollers and bubblers from Colorado artists, American made pieces as well as pieces made from all over the world!  Our glass buyers attend the conventions, talk with the vendors, hand pick our pieces in an effort to provide our customers with the best of the best!  We love to talk about glass, so feel free to inquire about any questions you have about any of our products!

CBD and Kratom
meadowlark64 carries a wide selection of only the best CBD and kratom products including Veedverks, O.pen, Captain Kratom, Emerson Naturals and more!
Accessories and Parts
meadowlark64 carries an extensive selection of various accessories for all of your smoking and vaping needs.  Whether it's a tool for waxy concentrates, a downstem for your water bong or even a hard to find part for your vaporizer pen, we've got you covered.  Our knowledgable staff will assist you in identifying the part or accessory that will work best for your specific needs.  Want to make absolutely sure, bring your piece into the shop (Clean or Dirty) and we'll make sure we outfit you with the right parts and/or accessories!

. . . . and many more brands!